Our Upcoming Events



Naomi Reynolds has over 15 years in the Work from Home Industry. Our mission is to work with mostly disabled Veterans who find it difficult to work outside the home. We help with training to ensure the candidate can meet the qualifications required of companies operating through the work at home platform. The candidate will be assisted in:

  • Computer Training
  • Getting Computer Equipment & Other Equipment
  • Setting up Home Office
  • Getting Hired (Applying to Work at Home Companies)

Pets for Vets

Pets for Vets is an awesome endeavor that helps veterans and saves pets. It provides the veterans with a playful partner with whom they can enjoy while providing the animal a haven. I help veterans who are looking for a friendly support system in a pet to create a Super Bond. We will assist in matching them with their new friend by filing out the application with animal organizations. We will facilitate the whole process for a fellow veteran. I understand the scars we all bring back and there are few things better than sharing your love with an animal who needs a forever home.

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I have used the Meetup platform to create a social community and a support group that will conduct quarterly meetings. In these meetings we will share our challenges and communicate how to get the services we need. We’ll meet new peers who have been through the same things we’ve all been through and with whom we can relate. Communicating with a group to which we belong will help us all to understand the new Mission Act (Community Care); Urgent Care; the VA Medical Center and all other needs.

Our Speakers Bureau is available to speak to organizations serving Veterans. Please complete the Contact Us Section to schedule a Speaker.